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inlight 2
The Life We Long For
Part two of our inLight Bible study on the Gospel of John is coming soon!
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inSPIRE journeys
The inSPIRE Journey
Get started today with our Start-Up Bundle!
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Mission To Moldova
Barbara Fuller, our Director of inLight Bible Studies, will be travelling to the Republic of Moldova from March 22 - April 7
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RSVP Ministries is a non-profit ministry whose team members are passionate about inviting people to faith, inspiring them to grow and encouraging them to invest generously in others.

RSVP Ministries We invite people to explore faith in God through Jesus Christ, connecting with others on similar journeys. Bible Study We inspire growth and action. We want to help give your faith legs and your spirit wings. Christian Women Speakers When you invest generously in the lives of others, you are living out what you believe. We can help you find ways to do that.

Learn how we invite, inspire and invest and equip you to do it too.

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