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100,000 Match Campaign

Total Goal $100,000 $48,000  

The Campaign

Feeding spiritual hunger, sharing hope and healing through the message of Christ is what RSVP Ministries exists to do all year round! We have a network of outreach groups across the country and have created engaging media, Bible study, prayer and leadership resources so that we can be a voice in our culture and the world for Jesus.

One donor is so excited about the RSVP vision, that their gift to us is a matching donation of $100,000. You can multiply your giving and share the message of Christ by donating today.

Whatever you give will be doubled and received with great appreciation.

What is the current focus of the campaign?

$100,000 Match continues in 2019! RSVP has engaged in recent initiatives to bring greater wholeness in Jesus to French Canada and French Africa via our inSPIRE Journey group materials. Donate today to parter with us in reaching people in these areas, and double your impact!

What is your goal?

As we continue to develop new and exciting strategies and resources to share this great message with all people, we are seeking financial donations to meet our goal of a combined amount of $100,000.

How do I donate?

There are so many life-changing reasons to introduce people to Jesus. Partner with us quickly and easily by visiting our donate page, and give online, by mail, or by phone! Thank you for joining us in sharing the message of Jesus with the world!

Note “$100,000 Match” when making your online gift, on your cheque, or when calling our office to give.

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