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Our Mission

We invite people to faith in God through Jesus, inspire them to hope, growth and passionate living, and provide opportunities to invest generously in others.

Our Values (ASPIRE)


We honour and submit to one another and to all authority in humility, respect and love.


We recognize the Holy Scripture as the authority for life and conduct.


We know prayer is foundational and will precede and surround every activity, event and program.


Our lives, our speech and our activities need to be consistently authentic and reliable.


We were created for intimacy with God and will create and maintain loving, caring connections with one another.


We aspire, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to be and to do our best, in the most relevant ways, to the glory of God.

How Do We Accomplish These Things?

We do this by: connecting people within the community to consider faith; developing and training dedicated leaders to oversee and organize events and large or small groups, to lead from Christian foundations and share their faith story; providing high quality, relevant media resources for individuals, groups and churches to use; and mobilizing people to pray.

Who Do We Do It For?

For God. And that means we serve the people he loves. We love and serve people of any ethnicity, faith background or socio-economic status and want them to meet Jesus and each other to find hope, joy and purpose.

What We Believe

  • The Bible is truth and is our standard.
  • God exists as the Trinity -- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus Christ came to earth, God incarnate, and was born of the Virgin Mary.
  • Jesus was raised from the dead, and returned to Heaven.
  • All human beings are born with a sinful nature and need a Saviour.
  • Jesus Christ became the sacrifice before God when he shed his blood and died as the payment for the sins of the whole world.
  • Our salvation is entirely a gift of grace, through faith, and not the result of the good things we have done outweighing the bad.
  • There will be a literal resurrection of the body and return of Jesus Christ.
  • Believers will spend eternity with God, and unbelievers will experience eternal separation from God.
  • The supreme mission of God’s people in this age is to communicate the Gospel to everyone.
Bible Study


We invite people to explore faith in God through Jesus Christ, connecting with others on similar journeys.
Christian Women Group


We inspire growth and action. We want to help give your faith legs and your spirit wings.
Christian Women Speakers


When you invest generously in the lives of others, you are living out what you believe. We can help you find ways to do that.