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Mission To Moldova

March 22 – April 7, 2019

As part of our expression of global mission, Barbara Fuller, our Director of inLight Bible Studies, will be travelling to the Republic of Moldova, to share the Word of God and our RSVP resources with a missionary team there. Moldova is a small former Soviet country in eastern Europe, said to be the poorest country in Europe. The national language is Romanian and most people also speak Russian.

On March 28-29 Barbara will be speaking at a team retreat for the OM Moldova team of missionaries – over 50 adults from at least 10 different countries. They will be introduced to the inSPIRE Journey and provided with materials to continue the journey as a team.

OM Moldova also runs a training program for national believers called ‘Challenge into Missions’ where young people are trained in evangelism and discipleship and given practical experience through outreach in Moldovan villages. From April 1-4 Barbara will be teaching in this program, primarily from her studies on the Gospel of John.

The vision of RSVP is to provide innovative and transformational resources that mobilize Christians to invite, inspire and invest in others on their journey of faith. The vision of Operation Mobilization in Moldova is to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least-reached.

Please pray for Barbara and for the team in Moldova as these visions intersect for the purposes of God’s Kingdom. You can invest in this mission by donating to the cost of the RSVP resources that Barb will be taking to the team there.

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