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Why gather at all?

When people come together to share their hopes, confront their fears, ask aching questions or search deeply for answers, individuals become connected even if it's just for a few hours.

Jesus loved to gather people to discuss, pray, celebrate and connect. At RSVP, we believe there is power in gathering too. We love to be catalysts for people across Canada to come together to explore who God is and what God has done. What he can do. And what he will do.

RSVP Groups

Our RSVP Community groups are highly relational, interactive, mostly informal and flexible gatherings where film resources and purposeful and engaging discussion questionshelp women to delve into what it can look like when God intersects our lives in an unexpected and deeply personal way. Local groups might be smaller and casual or they could be larger and structured. They are led by folks from multiple denominations or by an individual church team. All groups use the invite-inspire-invest films and small group questions to provide for organic faith conversations.

Traditional Groups

Our traditional women's groups have a wonderful 50-year history in Canada hosting monthly outreach events as Christian Women's Clubs, Women's Connections and After 5. The format for these groups, incorporating local presenters, music, faith speakers and an invitation to know Christ is consistent whether you are in a group meeting on the West Coast, in the Maritimes or anywhere in between. You can find a traditional group here.

Bible Study Groups

We believe there is no greater way to inspire people than with the words of God himself. Our Bible study groups are small gatherings of usually less than 12 people who explore Scripture together in comfortable settings such as homes or coffee shops, where everyone can read and discuss the Bible in a welcoming environment.

There are many of our Bible study groups meeting across the country and we encourage you to connect with one or start your own. Groups are using Stonecroft Bible studies, intended for the person exploring faith, and others are finding our RSVP film series and group questions work well in small group settings as well in larger group meeting environments. To discuss joining or starting a Bible study group, please contact a regional director in your area.

Group Details

Email us to update your group details if you are a current RSVP or traditional group leader.

Bible Study


We invite people to explore faith and connect with others and find out where God is in their lives.
Christian Women Group


We want to inspire growth and action. We want to help give your faith legs and your ideas wings.
Christian Women Speakers


When you invest generously in the lives of others, you are living out what you believe. We can help you find ways to do that.