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In the beginning there was a businesswoman

The predecessor to RSVP Ministries, the Christian Business Women's Council of America (which would become Stonecroft), was founded by Helen Duff Baugh, lovingly referred to throughout the organization with great respect as “Mrs. Baugh.” She launched the ministry in 1938 travelling across the country gathering women together to enjoy dinner and hear about Jesus.The ministry brought working Christian women together during a time when career women were the exception and were certainly not connected.

And then there was another businesswoman

By 1948, Mary E. Clark, a former businesswoman and missionary in Maine, joined “Mrs. Baugh” to help lead what was becoming known as one of the fastest growing evangelistic and missionary organizations for women in the United States.

And then came Stonecroft

When the ministry's international headquarters re-located to Kansas City, Missouri in 1952, the group of outreach ministries took on the name of the property where it would be located. Stonecroft means “house of stone” and this was adopted as the name of the ministry as a reminder that Jesus is a solid foundation and the cornerstone.

And then there was Stonecroft Canada and Christian Women's Clubs

While Canadian women had been involved with the American ministry for sometime, Stonecroft Canada became a separate but affiliated ministry in 1966. Stonecroft Canada reached out to women across the country for five decades through Christian Women’s Clubs, Women’s Connections, After 5, Bible study groups, prayer groups and ministries serving moms, working women and anyone with a desire to explore faith and Scripture.

And now there is a new beginning as RSVP Ministries

In 2015, Stonecroft Canada’s Board of Directors and leadership made the historic decision to officially change the name of Stonecroft Canada to RSVP Ministries, effective January 2016.

RSVP is honouring the past and its long-standing relationship with Stonecroft U.S. by maintaining a strong and mutually encouraging relationship with the American ministry, while undertaking bold new endeavours of its own. Canada is launching new film resources, a new RSVP Community Group model, leadership tools, and soon to come Bible study resources and inSPIRE journey resources to reach Canadian women and men, and to share with Stonecroft U.S. and the world. You can find out more about Stonecroft U.S. here, including the opportunity to select from a vast selection of popular and impactful Stonecroft Bible studies and Conversations.

Today, we continue to write history in order to build a lasting legacy that will invite many more to faith while inspiring them to grow and encouraging them to invest generously in the lives of others.

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