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Prayer breathes life into every event, group and gathering 

The power of prayer has unquestionably propelled us through the last five decades and prayer is integral to the planning of all our events. Our national prayer team includes regional prayer advisors who mobilize people to regularly invest in prayer. One way we do that is through our annual RSVP National Day of Prayer. Join us on January 26, 2019 as we pray to “Make Disciples of All the Nations.” To download the 2019 Prayer day materials, click on the button below.

Download Prayer Day Materials (PDF)

Prayer Leader's Resource

For all those leading prayer initiatives and groups within the organization, we've developed a helpful guide to inform and empower your group prayer times. The annual Prayer Leader’s Resource incorporates devotionals, prayer requests and suggestions for leading prayer. Download and print the PDF, and join us in prayer today!

Download Prayer Leader's Resource (PDF)

Prayer Force eNewsletter

Our national prayer consultant, Karen Erickson, is the author of our Prayer Force e-newsletter. When you sign up for our monthly Prayer Force you will be joining hundreds of others across Canada who have committed to pray each month for the ministry of RSVP. In it, you will find our prayer requests and the reasons we are praising God together. Fill out the form below to sign up.

Christian Women Speakers


Invest in others with your time and/or talent.

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Devotions for Women


Invest in others with your finances.

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Christian Women Group


Invest in others by developing yourself.

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Christian Women Speakers


Invest in others by leading well. Log in first to view Leader's Source.

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Christian Women Speakers


Invest in others by taking requests, shout-outs, questions and thanks to God.

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Bible Study


We invite women to explore faith in God through Jesus Christ, connecting with other women on similar journeys.
Christian Women Group


We inspire growth and action. We want to help give your faith legs and your spirit wings.
Christian Women Speakers


When you invest generously in the lives of others, you are living out what you believe. We can help you find ways to do that.