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inSPIRE Journeys

An inSPIRE Journey is an invitation for God to speak, to strengthen any or all of the five areas of your life that are separately identifiable and yet intricately interwoven. The SPIRE is an acronym that represents Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational and Emotional wholeness and strength. The image of the SPIRE tells us we are purposely moving towards a point. The point is wholeness found in God and the principles that he gives us for life. Regardless of where you are on the journey of faith and life, inSPIRE Journeys help you rise up and take the next step.

There are three formats for inSPIRE Journeys, all of which are offered in both English and French:

Resource Group Individual English French Cost (All prices CAD $)
My inSPIRE Journey: Exploring Wholeness in 35 Days $14.95
The inSPIRE Journey: Exploring Wholeness Together Starting at $89.95
The inSPIRE Experience Starting at $995.00
inSPIRE journeys

My inSPIRE Journey

For Individuals

My inSPIRE Journey is offered as a 35 day, individual journey book format. You may want to work through the book on your own or with another person, as you reinforce the principles of the SPIRE. Or you may want to introduce the journey to someone else through this easy book format.

Inside the My inSPIRE Journey book, you'll find references to some of the films in our RSVP Film Series as options for further exploration. These films are available individually and as part of broader 3 film packages. Click a film below to learn more and to purchase.

"Choices" Film "Hungry" Film "Spiritual Breath" Film "Silence" Film
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Donna Lamothe

Donna Lamothe is the author of the inSPIRE journeys and Executive Director for RSVP Ministries. An ordained minister and former officer in the Canadian military, she has also written the RSVP guide called Leadership Foundations. Donna makes her home in the Rocky Mountains, in Alberta, Canada.

inSPIRE journeys

The inSPIRE Journey

For Small Groups

The small group, video-based journey is intended to be experienced in community, set up for times when a group can get together on a regular basis, for a total of fifteen sessions. God will meet you in your group sessions and you will forge new levels of relationship with friends on the journey; go to new heights in your relationship with God; find new freedoms; and walk stronger than you did before. You’ll benefit from staying connected with your group weekly and staying connected with God daily.

Donna or Rick Lamothe will be your video guide for the English and French videos, respectively.

For a limited time, order the start-up inSPIRE Journey bundle, which includes everything you need to get started! Additional Participant Guides may be ordered in bundles or individually.

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inSPIRE journeys

The inSPIRE Experience

For Small Groups

Some people will prefer to carve out a few intense days to experience a multi-day inSPIRE journey in the spectacular Canadian Rockies. There are opportunities for multi-day journey experiences for groups to be scheduled and guided by RSVP leaders in Banff or Canmore, Canada. It is also possible to book a group journey with RSVP facilitators at a location near you. Prices for a four night experience in the Rocky Mountains range from $995 CDN / $750 US to $1695 CDN / $1300 US per person, depending on preference for accommodation and include all meals and program.

Participant accommodation is provided by Windtower Lodge and Suites ( or The Rimrock Resort Hotel ( Travel costs and recreational activities are not included in the price. Outdoor group recreational activities can be customized upon request.

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