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The Life We Long For
Part two of our inLight Bible study on the Gospel of John is coming soon!
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The inSPIRE Journey
Get started today with our Start-Up Bundle!
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New Pricing
We’re kicking off 2019 with new, never-seen prices on our RSVP Film Series!
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Senegal inSPIREed!
Christian leaders, pastors and spouses were encouraged and equipped through their experience in the inSPIRE journey in French-speaking Senegal this month.
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Film Series 6 - Voice
Let’s Talk – Alexander’s story of rising up from sexual abuse!
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RSVP Magazine Fall 2017
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Gala Annoucement
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Keep checking back for future training events!
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Film Series #6 Is Here!
Entitled “Voice”, our new series explores how hope emerges from abuse. Purchase it now on our online store!
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RSVP on Amazon!
Our Film Series and devotional book are now available for purchase on Amazon!
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What are we up to?
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Celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary with our 50th anniversary Devotional book!
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