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Meet our Executive Director, Director of Advancement, Director of inLight Bible Studies and National Connections Director


Donna Lamothe

A Word from Donna Lamothe, Executive Director 

RSVP exists to communicate the invitation into a relationship with God that he extends to every person everywhere, through faith in Jesus. Each of our staff have experienced the difference that accepting this invitation makes in our lives and we commit our primary energy to passing on this very Good News! Our volunteers also share this passion, whether they serve as national prayer team members, board directors or local group leaders. I would love for you to meet all of the amazing women and men that I have encountered through this ministry, but in lieu of this I am pleased to provide you with an easy connection to national directors that stand as primary liaisons for you. Please contact them here with your excitement to share your faith and let them be the catalysts and equippers that will spur you on. For a direct ‘dial’ to our national office and our committed behind-the-scenes team, connect here.

Rick Lamothe
Director of Advancement
Rick Lamothe

serves you as the director of advancement. He loves to connect those who are excited to invest in Kingdom work with the incredible opportunities to make an impact through RSVP. He also enjoys meeting church and other Christian leaders to share the new things RSVP is doing. In his spare time, Rick enjoys hiking, biking and skiing near his home in the Rocky Mountains.

Barbara Fuller
Director of inLight Bible Studies
Barbara Fuller
is director of inLight Bible Studies and delights in leading and equipping our regional staff and volunteers across Canada as they extend an open invitation to faith and growth in Christ. For Barb, nothing is more relaxing than walking on a beach anywhere in the world, though she loves to return home to the hugs of her grandchildren. Barb lives in Kamloops, British Columbia. 
Shirley Richardson
National Connections Director
Shirley Richardson
is the national women's connection director. She thrives on working with and encouraging volunteers to become the leaders Christ has called them to be. One of her greatest joys is spending time with her grandchildren on her 200-acre, century-old farm. Shirley lives in Walkerton, Ontario. 

The Board

Our Board of Directors governs our ministry and gives financial and ministry oversight. The Board is composed of independent individuals from across the country who are not relatives of staff, and are not compensated. They collaborate on vision, give strategic oversight, ensure complete compliance with charity standards, and that all business is conducted with integrity in order to bring glory to God.

Sherry Loewen

Abbotsford, British Columbia

Shannon Landriault

Ottawa, Ontario

Ryan Dahl

Langley, British Columbia

Jessica Fischer

Ottawa, Ontario

Jan Schock

Edmonton, Alberta
Bible Study


We invite women to explore faith in God through Jesus Christ, connecting with other women on similar journeys.
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We inspire growth and action. We want to help give your faith legs and your spirit wings.
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When you invest generously in the lives of others, you are living out what you believe. We can help you find ways to do that.