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Leader Training

We equip you to invest in others

Our training equips all who want to lead from the foundations Jesus taught as well as gather practical tips for speaking and facilitating small groups. They are designed for the volunteer, aspiring and seasoned leader. Available both as a convenient online course and in physical guides on our online store, RSVP Training resources empower all who have a deep desire to learn and grow.


Sharing Your Story: A Guide

Now available as an online course!

RSVP has developed Sharing Your Story: A Guide to lead potential speakers through the process of understanding, writing and effectively communicating the story of how God intersected their lives and changed them in life-altering ways.

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Leadership Foundations: A Guide

Now available as a free online course!

Leadership Foundations: A Guide is the starting place for every Christian leader. Three of the most important and basic principles for leaders taught in both the Old and New Testament are clearly presented in its pages. You can use this on your own, with your leadership team, or, new for 2018, you can learn in our brand new online course. Every Christian who is leading or desires to influence others in any environment will want to know these essential foundations for strong, godly leadership.

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Leading Small Groups: A Guide

Leading Small Groups: A Guide is a must-have for anyone leading others in small group Bible study and faith discussions. We’re reminded of Jesus’ example in drawing out responses from his followers and we’re given practical, insightful tips to apply in our own settings. This can be a self-study experience as you work through the guide independently, or you can purchase multiple copies and gather others to go through it with you.

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