Our Story

Our ministry began over 50 years ago in Canada with a prayer and outreach movement that was rooted in the United States over 80 years ago.

Like so many, our ministry began as a burning inside the heart of a passionate woman named Helen Baugh.

1930's - 50's: Mrs. Helen Baugh, from San Jose, California, initiated an extensive prayer ministry, followed by the first Christian Business & Professional Women’s outreach. Mary Clark, former businesswoman and missionary, joined in leading the growing organization. Christian Women’s Clubs were introduced as an outreach to homemakers.

1950s: The ministry purchased a property known as Stonecroft in Kansas City, Missouri, to serve as the national Home Office location and the Stonecroft Resource Center was created.

1966: Christian Business & Professional Women and Christian Women’s Clubs were introduced in Canada, in Toronto, Ontario.

1970 - 1980's: The first Business and Professional Couples’ Club and Stonecroft Bible Studies were introduced. The Stonecroft Conference Center was established to provide “a vacation with a purpose” for people of all ages.

1990 - 2015: Stonecroft Canada continued to reach out across the country through Christian Women’s Clubs, Women’s Connections, After 5, Bible study groups, prayer groups and ministries serving moms, working women and anyone with a desire to explore faith and Scripture.

2016: Stonecroft Canada’s Board of Directors and leadership made the historic decision to create resources in Canada and to officially change the name of Stonecroft Canada to RSVP Ministries, effective January, 2016. Ministry was recognized to be purposeful and inclusive of men and women, with a global reach. The RSVP Film Series, Leadership Foundations and Leading Small Group guides were created.

2018: The inSPIRE Journey small group resources and My inSPIRE Journey Individual devotional were released, even as the first French, oversees multi-day inSPIRE Journey Experience in Senegal, Africa took place. The first inLight Bible study was released and writing of the second study had already begun.

Present: RSVP honours the past and continues its long-standing relationship with Stonecroft U.S. by maintaining a strong and mutually encouraging, independent relationship, while undertaking bold new endeavours unique to Canada. We are also purposefully partnering with and coming alongside the church and organizations that share our goals of inviting, inspiring and investing in God-purposes.

Be a Part of Our Future

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