Vision and Mission

In the definition of our name and extending from our heart has always been an invitation. An invitation to discover Jesus. An invitation to grow in Him. An invitation to partner with Him. Because we know that regardless of where we find ourselves on the journey of life, when we accept the invitation of Jesus, things change forever. We see everything we make and do in this light. Resources that attract people to walk with Him, either for the very first time, or in new and powerful ways.      

What we do

We’re a non-profit charity that make powerful resources and host life-changing events to empower you and the church at large to be a voice for the hope, faith and wholeness found in Jesus. By intention and design, we've mandated that every RSVP initiaive has to fulfill one, two, or all 3 of the following pillars:




Vision Statement

We are a source of accessible, innovative, transformational resources that mobilize Christians in Canada and around the globe to invite, inspire and invest in others on their journey of faith.

Mission Statement

We invite people to faith in God through Jesus, inspire them to hope, growth and passionate living, and provide opportunities to invest generously in others.

Make A Donation

​ RSVP Ministries, a charitable organization, relies on the generosity of people like you to continue to create our resources and run life-changing events.