Faith Stories

Is God relevant? Does faith make a difference? At each RSVP Connections event, you'll hear the true story of a local speaker who's life was intersected by God in a relevant, life-altering way. Speakers are people like you who have been coached by RSVP volunteers to share their story. Meet the speaker, ask questions, and find out how you too can experience God in a personal way. Download and listen to recent stories below!

The Holy Pursuit

Speaker:  Jessica Morehouse

The Art of Thankfulness

Speaker:  Dianne Ticknor

Difficulties, Dreams and Discoveries

Speaker:  Carol Ann Hurtubise

Whoops, I Did It Again!

Speaker:  Adena Paget

Finally Giving In to the Best!

Speaker:  Elaine McDonald

Running Scared

Speaker:  Karyn Pearson

Well, That Didn't Go As Planned!

Speaker:  Karen Chow

Turning Stagnant Living to Vibrant Living - Duty to Delight

Speaker:  Ruth Allison

What's the Bottom Line?

Speaker:  Marlene Penner

My Life is an Open Book

Speaker:  Seleda Frey

A Road Less Travelled 

Speaker:  Maureen Bennett

Ups and Downs of a Pilot's Wife

Speaker: Linda Pogoda

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Speaker:  Verena Diefenbacher

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