A Few Words - March 2021

A Few Words - March 2021
Date: March 11th, 2021
Author: RSVP Ministries

As we approach our second Easter remembrance in this pandemic, we may wonder how to go about our celebrations, our worship and our traditions. But we do not need to wonder about the object of our remembrance. Jesus was crucified, he died and was buried. The grave could not hold him, and he rose to life, the perfect sacrifice for our sin and the sole mediator between a fallen world and a holy God!

As a result, evil holds no fear and death no threat. Every day the believer moves onward, embracing the resurrected life through faith in the risen Saviour. 

As you walk through the last Lenten days leading to Easter weekend, may the Lord help you to exchange fear and anxiety for the profound peace, confidence, and courage that Jesus gives. Reinforce your faith through the opportunities, events and materials described below. Share your hope with your friends by sharing these things.

I leave you with encouragement to linger with a song that expresses this hope and confidence: “Death Has No Power” written by Jeremy and Adrienne Camp. 

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