In the Works

In the Works
Date: March 11th, 2021
Author: RSVP Ministries

There are some amazing new resources in the works, to help you guide friends to faith and to encourage everyone to grow spiritually. In spring 2021, Always With You, the Inlight Bible study guide for the Psalms, will open your heart to the real cries and celebrations of the psalmists. In the fall, a study guide for 2 Peter, Faith to Carry On, will call out for you to stand firm in faith and not fall away! An evangelistic pamphlet will give the reader simple steps for accepting the invitation Jesus gives to follow him, and a follow-up Bible study will give them important “First Steps” to take in their newfound faith. We are creating a new My inSPIRE Journey – Exploring Wholeness in 35 Days with a focus on marriage, to engage our young women and men in clear God-principles for this sacred relationship.

All are at various stages of creation, but we couldn’t wait to share the exciting news! Pray these along with us. You can also contribute to any of these projects through your designated gifts, to propel them forward!

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