Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts
Date: April 13th, 2021
Author: RSVP Ministries

Did you know that you can remember a friend through your gift? Designate gifts at the passing of a friend, or simply remember the anniversary of your loved one’s passing, in a tangible way.

“Why is it meaningful for you to give a “memorial gift” to RSVP Ministries as a remembrance of friends, especially those you have known throughout your involvement with this ministry?”

“When someone I knew and served with in Stonecroft Canada/RSVP Ministries goes home to heaven, memories of their love for Jesus and their desire that others would know Him come flooding back.  My memorial gift to RSVP both honors them and extends their passion to ‘reach the unreached, within reach,’ even beyond their reach.” - Lorraine Myrholm

A note will be sent to the family on your behalf to share the news of your gift and you will be provided with a confirmation and tax receipt for your donation.

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