A Few Words - March 2020

A Few Words - March 2020
Date: March 13th, 2020
Author: RSVP Ministries

We’re all hearing breaking news about the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus that has caught the world’s attention. The very odd response in my neck of the woods has been a rush from the public on purchasing toilet paper. Some stores sell out within the first half hour of opening. Food is not sold out, but that one sanitary item has, in this season of uncertainty.

We have a problem even greater than COVID-19. We have a disease that leads to our destruction and to death. Hard news. The disease is “sin” and we’ve all been infected. God warns us that every one of us has sinned and fallen short of his glory (Romans 3:23). We see sin acted out all around us and it’s why we lock our doors and engage protective services. Yet, there is a cure, and those using any RSVP resource or attending any RSVP event (like the ones announced here in this newsletter) will know it. Faith in Jesus saves us from ourselves, from sin and from spiritual death (Romans 6:23). 

We equip believers with the tools to grow and share faith. Your involvement in RSVP as a donor, volunteer or participant helps to pass on the ultimate antidote - Jesus. Pray and ask God how your words and actions in this season of global concern can be a testimony to such Good News.

Donna Lamothe - Executive Director

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