Share Your Story With Us!

Share Your Story With Us!
Date: September 10th, 2019
Author: RSVP Ministries

RSVP Ministries is grateful for YOU and for your stories of grace and blessing experienced over these 53 years of ministry in Canada. We want to capture those stories! So we are declaring October as a month of story-telling – the stories of thanksgiving for what God has done. What blessing has God brought about in your life through the ministry of RSVP? Did you come to know Christ at a Connections outreach or a Stonecroft Bible study? Have you had an encounter with God through our new inLight Bible Studies, Film Series, or inSPIRE Journeys? Were you changed by a challenge to lead?  

Won’t you take a few minutes right now to write your story down and share it with us? We’ll know that you are giving us permission to use one or two sentences, or even the whole thing, to bring encouragement to others.

Write a brief note in the same way you would talk in a one-on-one conversation about a specific way the ministry has touched your life. Together we’ll give God thanks!

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