What is a Fall Fair?

What is a <em>Fall Fair</em>?
Date: October 3rd, 2019
Author: RSVP Ministries

FALL FAIRS are cool, creative and locally infused fund-raiser events, with a purposeful message of hope in Jesus presented to shoppers. A Kitchener-Waterloo RSVP group gathered gift certificates from their community businesses to use in a silent auction for their annual Fall Fair. They had contributors from local restaurants, hair salons, clothing & accessory retailers, services providers, and even a roofer. The gift certificates were a hit with attendees and some certificates were auctioned for even more than their value! Local businesses will benefit from the patronage of RSVP participants who get to return to the business and build relationships, and funds were raised to support RSVP ministries nation-wide. A Fall Fair can be held any time of year, so if your group missed the fall fun, why not plan for a Christmas or Spring Fair extravaganza?!

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