inSPIRE Journeys

The inSPIRE Journey is a unique, comprehensive challenge to discipleship that reaches into every area of your life. It will change you. It is a journey of exploration, a pilgrimage of sorts, to find Spiritual-Physical-Intellectual-Relational-Emotional wholeness. One area of either strength or neglect in our lives impacts the others, so we boldly look at not just one area of the SPIRE, but all of them. Timeless God-principles will take us there. There are multiple formats of the journey for individuals, groups and church-wide experiences.

For Groups

The inSPIRE Journey

This small group, video-based journey is intended to be experienced in community, set up for times when a group can get together on a regular basis, for a total of 15 sessions. This takes commitment - in a culture looking for a quick fix. But quick fixes and effortless attempts at wholeness haven't worked. Take the journey and find new freedoms; walk stronger than you did before; forge new levels of relationship with God and others.

Format: DVD & Workbook
Author: Donna Lamothe
For Groups

The inSPIRE Experience

Leave distraction behind - experience The inSPIRE Journey with your group at a retreat location near you, or plan to head out to the spectacular Canadian Rockies. RSVP facilitators will lead your multi-day retreat experience, customized for a weekend, a few days or a week. Your group will be guided to personal wholeness and to a deeper level of relationship with God and one another, as they look into God's principles for the SPIRE - Spiritual-Physical-Intellectual-Relational-Emotional wholeness.

Format: Retreat
For Individuals & Groups

inSPIRE Trips

inSPIRE Trips are once in a lifetime organized travel experiences that incorporate sightseeing, activities, and a special "travel version" of The inSPIRE Journey. Led by RSVP staff, join a group of fellow adventurers and travel to an incredible overseas locale, and discover a new culture, all while discovering greater wholeness in Christ.

Format: Trip
For Individuals

My inSPIRE Journey

A 35 day individual journey allows you to take a personal journey on your own or with another person, as you get a taste of the principles of the SPIRE. Every week you'll explore one area of the SPIRE. Every day you'll read a brief challenge, consider applicable Bible verses, and answer two purposeful questions. Take the challenge to change one area of your life to more closely align with God's best for you and experience life-long transformation.

Format: Devotional Book
Author: Donna Lamothe

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