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inSPIRE Trips are once in a lifetime organized travel experiences that incorporate sightseeing, activities, and a special "travel version" of The inSPIRE Journey. Led by RSVP staff, join a group of fellow adventurers and travel to an incredible overseas locale, and discover a new culture, all while discovering greater wholeness in Christ.

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inSPIRE Trips: Israel

Journey to taste, see, hear and feel the Holy Land, along with RSVP staff Donna and Rick Lamothe and partner Christian Journeys. From November 5-16, 2020, discover God’s principles for loving him with all of who you are (Mark 12:29-31) as you walk through the land of the Bible. Be challenged and strengthened through times of teaching and group discussion on this unique inSPIRE Trips adventure, as you discover Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational and Emotional wholeness, in an unforgettable place.

The cost, including air travel from Toronto, is $4959 per person (double occupancy). The group will include a maximum of 30 RSVP friends (women and men) and your spot will be secured when you register and make your $400 deposit with Christian Journeys.

An example of a day in the Holy Land would look like this:

Day 7 - Galilee to the Dead Sea

  1. Cana - where Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine
  2. Nazareth - where Jesus spent his childhood and where the Nazarenes attempted to throw Jesus over the cliffs
  3. Bethany - the original site of John the Baptist’s ministry and location of the baptism of Jesus
  4. Jericho - home of Zacchaeus and the Sycamore tree and where the walls came tumbling down
  5. Qumran - location of the Dead Sea Scrolls


Length: 10 Days

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