The Choose Series

For Individuals & Groups

Explore how the choices we make impact our lives. Find out how placing God at the center of our decisions and trusting him for guidance can bring greater wholeness.

Formats: DVD, Digital USB & Download
Themes: choices, brokenness, immigrant, hope, belonging, salvation​


Neil reflects on life choices fed by his need to belong and to matter. He goes down a dangerous path until he’s confronted with one decision, and then another.

Length: 12 mins.


Consider the lesson of Daniel and how even though forced to leave his country, his place of belonging, he grew strong. Take the trail that leads you to wholeness and strength.

Length: 12 mins.


We are confronted with thousands of Choices every day; some are meaningless and some are significant. Take these few moments to think through how your choices affect others.

Length: 3 mins.

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