The Hunger Series

For Individuals & Groups

Discover God’s ability to set us free from addictions and unhealthy habits, and explore God’s instruction for the creation of a healthy physical lifestyle.

Formats: DVD, Digital USB & Digital Download
Themes: eating disorder, addiction, drugs, discrimination, hope, joy, salvation​


In the film Hungry, Jada shares her experiences walking through drug addiction and eating disorders to discover that love, joy and fulfillment could be hers.

Length: 10 mins.

Food for the Soul

In the follow-up film Food for the Soul, we're challenged to consider principles for caring for our physical bodies, with guidelines established by our Creator.

Length: 10 mins.

In Planting

Invest: In Planting is a cinematic, wordless vignette that uses seeds to illustrate how faith can be planted to produce bountiful results.

Length: 5 mins.

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