The Light Series

For Individuals & Groups

Discover God’s passionate desire to reach out to us in the midst of emotional pain, and his ability to bring healing to the broken places in our lives so that we can bring healing to those around us.

Formats: DVD, Digital USB & Download
Themes: addiction, hope, loneliness, disorder, salvation​

Skye's Dawn

Skye reveals the darkness of her despair and self-harm to show us how she found emotional well-being, learning that God is not afraid of the darkness we try to hide.

Length: 12 mins.

Known & Loved

Is it possible to be truly known, and despite our flaws and broken pieces, be truly loved? Walk with your guide, Donna Lamothe, to find out.

Length: 12 mins.

In Giving

Watch this silent, cinematic vignette that illustrates how little we actually need in order to impact others with generosity.

Length: 3 mins.

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