The Voice Series

For Individuals & Groups

Explore the power of each person’s unique voice and story, and how having the courage to speak the truth helps us overcome obstacles and bring encouragement to others.

Formats: DVD, Digital USB & Download
Themes: abuse, addiction, loneliness, hope, friendship, salvation​


Walk towards freedom with Alexander as he overcomes nearly a decade of sexual abuse and its consequences. Find out how faith and friendship make a difference.

Length: 12 mins.

Reach Up

Consider the power of voice, as your video guide, Donna Lamothe, shares a timeless spiritual lesson from ancient Scriptures and her own example of "tuning in to the song".

Length: 12 mins.

Speak Out

Musical duo, Janesia, gives voice to Alexander's story in their creation, Shades of Blue. Be challenged to discover ways to use your voice to benefit those around you.

Length: 3 mins.

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