RSVP Film Series

Ignite powerful faith conversations.

We made each RSVP Film Series to help you impact others with the message of God. Each Film Series includes 3 impactful and enduringly relevant short films and discussion questions, designed to provoke and inspire conversation regardless of where a person may be on their life journey. Featuring the stories of real people, the Invite film in each series helps the viewer consider faith through the lens of a powerful God experience. The Inspire film illuminates God’s good principles in the Bible for living. Finally, the Invest film presents the series theme in a vignette, challenging the viewer towards selfless giving.

The Breathe Series

The Breathe Series takes viewers through the pain and questions we feel when confronted with loss, and how we find God in the midst of them. In Invite: Deep Waters, learn how Cheryl overcame the tragic losses of close family members, finding strength and peace in her childhood faith. In Inspire: Spiritual Breath, RSVP Executive Director, Donna Lamothe, tells her own life-or-death story and invites viewers to discover the author of life and the gift of our very breath. Finally, Invest: In Prayer offers a reflective scene where the outcome is uncertain and each individual goes to God in their own way, inviting contemplation upon personal responses to loss and grief.

Flexible. Professional. Powerful.

Using the RSVP Film Series couldn't be simpler. Designed to fit into any context, it can be as simple as watching one of the bite-sized films on your phone with a friend over coffee, or as part of a less spontaneous small or large group gathering. Shot and edited by Canadian film industry professionals, the RSVP Film Series features world-class production value, and are available in DVD, USB or downloadable formats to adapt perfectly to your needs. With the RSVP Film Series, those who believe and those who don’t will easily be engaged in a powerful faith discussion.

Start a faith conversation today.