The message of 1 Peter

Standing firm in God’s grace

How can we carry on in the face of trials or when we fail? Grace To Carry On provides a probing examination of the apostle Peter's letter to persecuted Christians. Explore the themes of hope, struggle, right living in the face of opposition, God's grace, relationships, and the loving example of Jesus. Be prepared for God to transform your life as you learn from Jesus’ good friend Peter - "the rock" - how to stand firm in God's grace.

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Inlight Bible Studies are for those seeking a deeper understanding of what God says to us through the Bible. Whether studying on your own or with a small group, the unique format will help you discover where God’s story and your story intersect. Each study guides you through a book of the Bible, exploring powerful truths that will transform all that engage with them. As you discuss insights for life, you will be amazed at the relationships that will develop – with God and with others.

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