Wholeness in every area.

Each area of life is connected, with one affecting each of the others. It’s with this reality in mind that The inSPIRE Journey approaches the discipleship process. God is invested in us being fully whole, and fully alive, and so we can expect to encounter him in a holistic way. Throughout this Biblically-grounded journey you’ll discover what God has for you Spiritually, Physically, Intelectually, Relationally, and Emotionally.

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Simple to use.

We wanted everyone to be able to take the journey, so we made it easy. The DVD Video Sessions guides particpants from session-to-session, and the included Leader Guide equips group leaders with all they need to faciliate powerful discussions and activites. Finally, the separate Participant Guide acts as a guided journal and reference for group members, enabling them to reflect on experiences. Did we mention it's available in English and French?

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Powerful community. Lasting results.

The inSPIRE Journey isn't just designed for individual growth, it's also made to enable deep community. Activities in each session create opportunities for group members to connect profoundly and form lasting bonds. Even after the journey ends, relationships that you've formed can help you and support you as you take your next steps.

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My inSPIRE Journey

My inSPIRE Journey

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inSPIRE Online

inSPIRE Online

Access and stream The inSPIRE Journey content online, and discover alongside other journey groups across the web.

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